Wednesday, July 18, 2018

What Would It Take?

Today is a day to breathe and believe.
Our lungs are filled with hope and desperation.
We cling to possibilities and missed opportunities.
Doubt finds us with open arms.
What would it take to jump?

Tomorrow is never what we hoped for.
Occupied space haunts our minds.
Windows crowd the only possible view.
Depersonalizations take ownership without leaving control.
What would it take to leap?

Telling stories as if it happened.
Overly attached to memories that never were.
Water pouring to cleanse and give repentance.
Deep down we know it's fake.
What would it take to rise?

Together we hope for a better world.
What would it take to get there?

One by one we beg for change.
What would it take to enforce it?

Wisdom covers our dreams and ambitions.
What would it take to stand?

Desire can make us love.
What would it take it surrender?

What would it take?


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