Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The people we knew in wonderland

Time after time, I find myself wondering in circles. Always the same circles. Always the same result. What would happen if I jumped out of the bubble. Ran? What would I become? 
I run back to the night I never met. I run in circles but it never happened. I like it all that way. 
Listening to teeth telling me how to quit. What if we never loved at all? 

She smiles and says, "You're broken, my darling". And just like that I fall back into my life. Sitting in an office with the phone lighting up, with the people screaming for more. Coffee slipping down my shirt. My mind spinning.

My daydream cut short by a complaining boss.

I felt like Alice in Wonderland... lost in the real world.... only alive in the world found in poor little Alice's mind. But I like it all that way. 

Looking back on my life, I see snap shots of who I was. Flashing in front of me like a large projection throwing images of someone I no longer knew. 
She was pretty. She was sure. She was lost. She was free. 

She saved me. 

I met many people-- many things, I should say-- while staying in Wonderland. 
A talking flower that would sing sweet words to whom ever would listen. 
A wise fox that whore glasses and always carried a book.
An owl with the ability to read minds. 
A scary wolf that could tell the future. 
A floating bubble that could take you anywhere in the world. 
A snake that would erase any sin of your choice. 

They all ran free in Wonderland but sadly they were trapped there. 

Maybe they didn't have it all.... 

Maybe they didn't want mortality. 

Maybe my daydreams where their nightmares. 

Maybe nightmares are just reality.  

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