Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Soul of Mine

I looked away as you looked back at me
"If I had my way, I'd never get over you" 
My heart turns with your sickness
After every hit you take; with every feeling I get. 

Oh my oh my my my
Your blood is on the wall 
Your blood is on the wall 
Cry to me, let it sing 
Where do you go 
Where do you go to leave me 
If it were my world, I would run through rivers
I would climb the clouds 
I would never look back 

I need to know I can still make explosions

My pen slipped out of my hand and onto the floor as my heart sank deeper into my lungs.
My eyes blinked fast, hoping to erase what my ears could confirm. 
My heart was going to break. As simple as that.
I'll never understand why 
Nor do I want to know. 

I could smile, I could laugh, I could love as deeply as possible... It still would not matter. 

I had the heart of a crow my father always said. Never to love, never to be loved. 
What silly people, what silly lovers

Oh this soul of mine
Oh this heart of mine
Oh this love of mine 

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