Thursday, November 21, 2013

Dreamers Love Deeper

Inch by inch I watched them fall
Craving a love they never would find 
Walking in circles, tripping over roots 

Our lips meet, our hands touch places unknown to others. We are lost in a jungle gym of lust.
We are one. We are hungry. We are dreamers.

Running a maze in the bitter cold winter 
Tracing skin with my finger tips 
Fighting for a simple touch 

My eyes follow my hands as my dress hits the floor. My hands reach for support as my legs begin to tremble. My legs find the bed as my arms grasp for air. 

They crash into the water 
The highest risk; the highest jump
A safety net can not be found 

Our arms intertwine as I fall deeper and deeper in love. We touch as lovers do; without any regret.
My heart beats in front of me as I leave my blood on the table.

Your eyes are all I see
Your heart is all I feel
Your smell is all I breathe
Your love is all I need 

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