Thursday, October 3, 2013

Spell it

After two days of full hibernation, I went out shopping; cigarettes and booze—naturally.  

My father was suicide and my mother was money… and I was crazy.

I was becoming a hippie… free spirit, if you will.  I was never meant to walk the line, so they glued me to it.

I danced circles around the fire. I was high and I was happy. “It’s the carelessness of running away”, he laughed. What the hell did he know? I wasn’t running away. I was running towards something... freedom. But freedom isn’t really free, is it?

“I can’t sleep in silence”, I whispered.

“We forget who we are when we are looking for someone else”, He said.

I listen to them to tell me how to quit. Tied to a night we never might.

All these people… drinking lovers spit.

It will take some time to get over it.

All these people… happy and racing; racing hearts; chasing magic

It doesn’t flow and it doesn’t hurt

I like to all that way.

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