Monday, July 15, 2013

"You like your girls insane"

She smoked cigarette after cigarette-- she hated waiting on him. In her black tight fitted dress, they stared. Wishing for one chance with her... to show her how to be treated like a woman. Her head in the clouds and nothing more than a care in the world. She dreamed in color and he prayed to hell. His words left her feeling free... weightless.
With the burning desire for each other... they lived for nothing else.
Dancing on bar tables every night, she wouldn't give it up.
"Keep making me laugh. Let's go get high. Take a walk on the wild say. " He said.
"I'm already there." Was her simple reply. She gave a  smile, "You like your girls insane."
She left him wanting more, "Don't make me sad, love is never enough and I don't know why."
"I love you with every beat of my cocaine heart." He whispered.
"I'm crazy baby... I need you to come save me." She laughed.
Drinking and driving. Learning and loving.

True or false? I'll never tell.

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