Monday, April 8, 2013

Gods and Monsters

"All I ever wanted when I was a little girl, was to be happy.
I spent 17 years of my life chasing it, only to find, it wasn't in my blood.
A tiny pill coats what I'm missing... although the misconception will always remain the same."

I had an extremely unsettling dream the other night; I was being dragged by my hair into a hospital. My mother was screaming to the doctor that I was crazy and she begged him to fix me.
I had never felt more out of control.. I felt as if I really were crazy.
When I woke from my nightmare, I immediately reached for me heart as my eyes scanned my arms for evidence of needles or any other medical doings. Finding nothing, I fell back into my bed with a huge sign of relief. My plans were to fall back into a heavy slumber but just as a closed my eyes, visions of the hospital came racing back to life. Being the person that I am... I got out my tarot cards and journal and decided that this dream must have meaning.
Six months ago, a witch read my palm and she spoke of a tragedy my family would go through but I would be much to crazy to understand what was going on. Hearing her say this terrified me... although the witch rejoiced as if this was a good thing. The witch went on to say that I could not avoid it because it ran through my blood; the scary thing... she was right.
I had never forgotten this witch's promise and my nightmare made my feel as if it were my future. My cards gave me nothing but I could not shake the feeling of horror I felt.

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