Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The moon, my boyfriend

I am addicted to the moon. Everything about it speaks of desire.
The sky is black and the moon shines through. Even with stars, it stands alone. I close my eyes and throw my head back... I slowly swallow and take a breath. My focus is brought to the night sky and I let out a haunted howl. Again I howl, again. The echo carries for miles and I feel as if I am the only person on earth.
I can feel the full moon lust for me as I lust for it. I begin my nightly stroll into the woods as if I am hypnotized. Smoke is rising from the tree tops... the fire is lit. I am greeted by my gypsy sisters and as we are all hypnotized, we dance.
We flow in sequence; back and forth, back and forth. With my arms raised up, I howl to the moon as the others keep our heavenly rhythm. I am lost in the high and as I look around, we all are.
We are sisters.. bound together by the fire; For I am the moon and they are: The trees
              The grass
              The smoke
              The stars
The five of us dance as if we have nothing left to give; back and forth, back and forth. I close my eyes and feel the flames from the fire heat my face. Without hesitation I gather my hands into a ball and pray. Connecting with the earth like I had never before, made me feel thankful to the Lord for creating such a wonderful place.
I can feel the night grow longer as time is at a stand-still. My sisters and I form a circle around the fire and link hands. We stand swaying our bodies in unison as we free our minds.

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