Friday, February 1, 2013

Writing is bleeding

I went back and read all of my posts on this blog.. and I noticed that my more recent posts have not been positive with a side of my usual dry humor (only when writing). I was strangely bothered by this. I have private journals, the good ole pen and notebook kind of journal. Over the years I have collected a mountain... you can now find these tucked away high on my closet shelf. Once I finish a "private journal", it gets thrown in the stack with the forgotten mountain and all their friends. I try not to read back through them.. they are ugly, dark, and full of things no one person should revisit.
I had not realized that my recent posts of my blog were starting to act as if they were wanting to jump right into the pages of my "private journal". Now, mind you.. those post.. the ones found in my "private journal" are nothing, and I mean nothing close to what you find on my blog. But I still saw it running in that direction. After starting my blog, I have become less private. I have been running less to my "private journals" and started throwing my thoughts and feelings out for all of you to see.
Being vulnerable is a huge key to acting; pulling yourself out for all to see. I live, breathe, walk, talk... acting. Am I being vulnerable out of habit or practice?

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