Monday, February 11, 2013

Update- The high life

It's been a while since I have written an update so let's do it.
Where should we start? Ah acting.. that's an easy one.. it'skickingmyass. The horrible thing about being in the industry, one minute you're on, the next you're off. Right now, I'm off. Hopefully, maybe, fingers crossed, next month will be different.
What's next? Weeerk. Since my acting career is pretty dry at the moment, I have had to find that wonderful green paper elsewhere. By day: Sweet Innocent Receptionist. By night: Pissy Host at LoneStar. SometimesIthinkbeingahookerwouldbeeasier. Sorry I'm not sorry. I would really just like to be CatWoman.. but you know, leather is not always the best look-- meeooow!
On a really high note: I GET TO SEE MY SISTER THIS WEEKEND. Taking a road trip down to Dallas, Texas to watch her play softball (college, yes. gay, no. Straightpeopleplayballtoo). I usually get to see her about twice a year.. BUT she is graduating this semester.. and will be home for good! Well, that is of course if she doesn't get a job offer in the holy hell land of Oklahoma. Bleh.

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