Thursday, February 14, 2013

It's done

Clearing things out can hurt like hell. Friendships end and hearts are broken. After the war, there is always blood to mop up. Pictures to delete, items to trash, and blogs to unfollow. Unfortunately, you can never eliminate the memories. A song comes on, the one you blasted all the way to Texas to see your favorite artist in concert, or the saying the two of you shared.. and only you understood. When having a person you are so close with leave your life, it's hard to deal. Even when they are gone, they are still there. They teach you things, things you didn't realize you wanted to learn. Studies show, that you become like the five people you spend the most time with. Well, what happens once you have changed yourself and adapted into them.. and poof, gone? Nothing. Over. Done. Forgiveness comes in so many forms.. but ending a battle of friendship and love should not be one of them. People hurt you, yes.. if they mean to or not, they hurt you. Open your heart and forgive.

It's done and I am now a better person from the experience. My heart was broken and a friendship murdered but I made it out alive. I refuse to lose myself again or adapt into another person (Studies can kiss my ass). After all is said and done, my horoscope gave me something: about a week ago, my horoscope spoke of a person that would come into my life as a friend and give me life and power more than I could believe. I would have more love than I could handle. What a beautiful thought. I live for friendships that shake the ground we walk on.. and I pushed for it before.. not receiving fairness and open love in return. I can not wait for the day that I can say.. out loud.. "Now my life is sweet like cinnamon".

I did not delete the pictures, trashed only a few items, and the post has been published (or it will be in a few). It's done. Freeeeee and gone.

P.S.. Happy Valentines Day

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