Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hi, I'm Me

Hi, I'm Annie and couldn't help you if I tried.
Two years ago, just two years ago, I walked into a room strong.. bold.. and ready for anything. Some how I ran into a foam pit full of toxic chemicals. I can't tell you why I stayed; they smelled nice, I guess. I was ready for 2013 to kick me out on my ass, I just didn't think so soon. Sitting here in the middle of January 2013, I have walked (given a little push; I won't lie) out of the toxic foam pit. Now what? The last two years have been planned and dictated by other people and I can't seem to figure out how I let that happen.
So. I stumble.. I stumble out into the open air and it feels foreign. If I could erase my mistakes, I wouldn't. Lessons learned; healing is beautiful.

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