Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hi, I'm Me

Hi, I'm Annie and couldn't help you if I tried.
Two years ago, just two years ago, I walked into a room strong.. bold.. and ready for anything. Some how I ran into a foam pit full of toxic chemicals. I can't tell you why I stayed; they smelled nice, I guess. I was ready for 2013 to kick me out on my ass, I just didn't think so soon. Sitting here in the middle of January 2013, I have walked (given a little push; I won't lie) out of the toxic foam pit. Now what? The last two years have been planned and dictated by other people and I can't seem to figure out how I let that happen.
So. I stumble.. I stumble out into the open air and it feels foreign. If I could erase my mistakes, I wouldn't. Lessons learned; healing is beautiful.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Your soul to take- Demons

I sadly lost inspiration while writing this post. I have waited a few weeks to see if I would regain this inspiration, but life is short, so here you go.

Demons are said to haunt the soul they desire. The word "Haunt" can be taken in many ways... but should never be taken lightly. I like to think of being haunted as being hunted; you are, you are being hunted. I believe it is extremely obvious to spot someone who is being hunted by a demon. Call me crazy, but I can spot them for miles. These people, the ones being hunted, always have a certain ring of doubt in their eyes. They tend to be gorgeous but not your usually pretty boy... they are actually jaw dropping beautiful. Although you can never put your finger on what makes them so damn breath taking. It's probably the demon... drawing you into lust like a worm on a hook. They walk to the beat of the Devil. Swaying eyes back and forth, hoping they are not seen but to only have their presence felt. Rather they know it or not, their presence is always felt, at least I feel it.
These people, the chosen ones, hate many things.. unhappiness drowns them. They carry it with them and display this hate with facial expressions. But when they smile, when they actually smile, it brightens the entire room. Heads turn in amazement... it is sinful.

I sadly lost inspiration while writing this post. I have waited a few weeks to see if I would regain this inspiration, but life is short, so here you go.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No title.. blah blah

It's 3:30 pm and I am just starting my day. As I sit here, enjoying my cup of coffee (in a Broadway New York mug, thanks sis) and biscotti (thanks Whole Foods), I can't help but get a sick feeling inside, "Damn, it's a new year... I must try and better myself." Let's be real, that's not happening. I will still stay up half the night and sleep most of the day. I will still use "inappropriate" language to enhance my daily speech. I will continue to eat cake (and love it) then run to the gym and work off every calorie like a mad woman. I will still wear mostly black and some form of gray... along side a powerful red lip. One thing I will change up this year, is my power. My power to except that I am a bit cold hearted, or the fact I never emotionally attach to anyone.. anything (minus my cat). I will even go as far as excepting the truth about myself. What's the truth about myself you wonder? Well, I have no idea... but a good guess says 2013 will tell me.