Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The tale of green- eyed envy

I can not apologize for being an actress. Nor can I apologize for having black hair and blue eyes. I can not and will not apologize for the characters I play. I can not apologize for my pale skin and my willingness to smile. I can not apologize for the success of my career or the characters I have been cast as.
If you find bitterness in the things I can not apologize for, well then I am sorry for you. I can only thank those who support me. And I do, I thank you, all of my supporters!!!

"There will always be people who are bitter over their own lack of success, who will look at yours with green-eyed envy and try to cut you down to their level. If they can't have what you do, they think, they will at least do their best to tarnish it. They'll accuse you of arrogance when you are merely confident. They'll say that they don't get why you're successful and that you're not "all that".
Never listen to them. Pity them.

Instead, do your best to prove them wrong. Help others become as good as you are, if you can. Share your talent. If you're miserly with your talent or full-of-yourself, you'll be giving your detractors more ammo. Prove them wrong. They won't go away, and they won't shut up, but everyone else will see how wrong they are. That's the best victory."

- Drew Cothern


  1. Creeping on your blog. Pleasantly surprised to see this isn't the first time I've shown up here.