Monday, December 17, 2012

How deep does it go?

I wonder how deep the rabbit hole goes. Let's think about this... When you fall down the rabbit hole... you fall-- hard. "They" say when you resurface you come back a changed person. How long do you remain a "changed" person? What if you didn't want to change.. maybe you were happy about falling?

Google says:
Definition of RABBIT HOLE
: a bizarre or difficult state or situation —usually used in the phrase down the rabbit hole.
If you were going through a difficult state, wouldn't you want to travel down the rabbit hole?
I think the rabbit hole is extremely deep. It's cold and dark... underneath any sign of fresh air or natural light.
When I was younger, I watched my father break his own heart. He ran trying to find all the pieces but came back emptied handed. I promised myself I would jump down the rabbit hole if I ever got to that point.