Monday, October 22, 2012

My November Goals

November is my birthday month and what better month to set some time aside to make a goals list.

Paint more.
I love to paint but only paint when I am making a gift for someone. This month, I want to paint for me. Pictures of the finished product(s) shall be posted.

Take a road trip.
I love to travel and take many road trips... mostly to see my sister in Oklahoma. This month, I want to take a road trip for a careless reason. In fact, the trip has been already planned! On November 5th my friend Kiki and I will be taking a 7 hour road trip to see one of our favorite artists, Regina Spektor. A full blog post will be posted of the adventure.

Save more, spend less.
I am saving to buy a car... which should be purchased after Christmas or early January. Every month I fight a battle of shopping. This month, my plan is to focus on saving for my car. Saving more... spending less.

Thank a friend.
Every day this month, my goal is to take time out to thank a different friend for being such an amazing friend. Method shall be done via Facebook, text, or phone call. Will you be hearing from me? :)

Watch Harry Potter.
I have never seen the Harry Potter movies and I believe it is time to do so.

Read five books.
It's no secret that I love reading. Lately, I have not been making time for my favorite hobby. This month my goal is to read five or more books. Completed book list will be posted shortly.

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