Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Update from the wild twisted world of my inner brain!

Hello my little lovey readers!
It has been a while since I have been able to sit at my computer and just write! And when I mean just write, I mean with zero topic in the mist or any dead line to follow. SO BEWARE OF CONTENT. CLICK OUT NOW.

For those of you still left, welcome into the wild twisted world of my inner brain (NOT TO LATE TO LEAVE... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED).

First item on the agenda, MY TEETH. I have been wearing Invisalign for a little less than two months now and a huge difference has already been made. If any of you have or have had braces, you know the feeling that I am speaking of-- that feeling of complete and total victory.

Second item on the agenda, MY HAIR. As all of you should know, my hair is black. Black like my morning cup of Joe! If you are friends with me on Facebook then you probably have seen the many posts of the future hair colors I want... and for those of you of who haven't seen the pictures... let's catch up! I WANT PINK, I WANT BLUE, I WANT PURPLE, I WANT RED, I WANT YELLOW, I WANT.... WILDNESS! Okay, so now that we have covered that, let's talk about what I plan to do about it. Being an actress limits me on the amount of WILDNESS I can have in my hair. So, I'm thinking about doing purple tips. AND THEN RED, THEN, PINK, THEN GREEN, THEN BLUE, THEN.... WILDNESS! I plan to start with purple-- a dark purple like grape or plum. My mother had a fit when I started coloring my hair black but now it's just who I am and I couldn't see myself without it. I am sure she will have a small (MAJOR) fit when I actually do get purple tips but I'll be 20 in November and it's something I want to do. Plus, I need to do it while I'm young and can still embrace the WILDNESS.

Third  item on the agenda, MY SHORT FILM. I have created a masterpiece (matter of opinion, I know). The story line is simple, a Gothic girl trys to kill herself but does not go through with it. Her and her best friend begin therapy sessions-- where the story unfolds. You can find more info on our Facebook page.!/recoveryshortfilm11

Forth item on the agenda, THE 13TH GATE. October is just around the corner.. and you know what that means? SCARY HALLOWEEN AND THE 13TH GATE SEASON. Being an actress for The 13th Gate, I care about this dearly as where you may not.     
The picture to the right ------> Is a picture of me as the Gypsy!

Fifth item on the agenda, MY FRIENDS. We all have those bad apple friends. It may take us some time to pick them out, but sooner or later we have a basket full. Just recently I came across the worst kind, the malicious kind. These apples are very hard to spot... they are sly. Making you feel as though they truly care but really their is a method to their madness... something they want. This "friend" was out for personal vendetta, not caring what their "false statements" could possibly do to me. The best part is that this "friend" was and is convinced that I would and do believe anything and everything that was and is spoken from his pretty lips. Hello, doing a little research can go a long way... and that's just what I did.

Sixth item on the agenda, MY SANITY. I promise you it's no longer with me.                                

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