Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Day

I woke up this morning knowing that today would bring something wonderful.
Three clues that lead me to believe this: My cat did not dip her furry little paw into my coffee. I was able to find my shoes without causing a hurricane in my closet. And finally, my hair was agreeing with me today.
When getting ready this morning, I decided that wearing an oversized sweater with much too tight of jeans, flip flips and zero make-up would be all right for today's activities. Well, as it turned out, the sweater was WAY to oversized and demanded to fall off my shoulders every second.. which left my bra straps showing... cute. After messing with my sweater for the 100th time I just so happen to look down and see that my toes are looking horrible! My right foot only has one toe painted... and it happens to be dark blue and it also happens to be coming off which gives the appearance that I have a bruised toe. On the left foot, my big toe is painted dark blue and the rest of my toes on that foot are painted a light pink. My friend Levi will understand why the story of my toes is totally disappointing (I take care of my feet people, really I do!!!). You're probably wondering about my jeans by now, right? Well, let's just say I cannot sit and have them buttoned at the same time. So today's, promising wardrobe was more of a fail. You guys are probably thinking of me as a high maintenance little brat... but I only wish that were true. I actually had to be somewhere today that requires me to look nice, approachable, friendly, and last but not least, put together--- Work with my mom. She works at a church as a Commuacation Specialist and while I'm here with her I must have full control of the front desk and answer the phone on the first ring... not the second, but the first (laughing yet, mom?). On a serious note, she has a wonderful job and works with wonderful people... I do truly love going with her when I can. I managed to get through my little "look like a mess issue" without eating someone... so we're good.
So, if you read my blog often... well if you read my blog post yesterday then you will know that I was feeling pretty low about my luck with acting and the questions of my future. If you know me at all, you know that I never stay down long. I promised God and myself today that I would not allow those thoughts to come into my head.. and just as I made that promise, I was booked for an audition! God is good, oh how God is good! The audition is in Texas and since I was born to the most supportive and believing mother in the world, we are going to make the trip! I love my momma bear oh so very much.
Eating healthy started today, so if you are someone that I come in contact with on a daily bases... you might beware-- mood is going to be wicked. Started eating healthy for my career; better food means better hair, skin, and body. All things that get you far in the world of acting. Speaking of getting far in the acting world... TEETH! I am getting invisalign-- Huge thanks to my mom and grandparents! I have already been fitted for my trays.. just waiting for them to come in. I should only have to wear them for five months, which is amazing because we were thinking more like two years.

Thanks to all who read my blog. And thank you to those who support me.