Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Trip to Remember!

My mother and I set out to visit my sister (and her friends) in Oklahoma; and what a trip it was!
We left Thursday night around 8 and drove all night and a little into the morning. The drive was... least to say, entertaining.
I was a little pumped, you think?
Things were going smooth until we reached Hugo Texas where we were then stopped by a cop. Of course, with my mother and I nothing can be normal; We were driving along minding our own business (mom was speeding, of course). We pass this HUGE truck and mom might have taken a little too long to dim her lights (Being 2 in the morning and the only ones on the road, who cared?) Well this guy definitely cared. I little bit after we passed this HUGE truck, we see that he has made a complete u turn in the middle of the road. And of course I start thinking about every scary movie in the book and starting to plan my death in my head. He starts to gain speed and eventually he got right behind us. Mom and I were freaking out! Soon after this game of chase, the truck started his lights... but mom and I had a hard time believing this was a cop in this HUGE truck. Mom pulled over and once again I start thinking of the events of my death and how painful it will probably be (I watch way too much TV). The man's lights were so bright that we could not see him actually get out of his HUGE truck... magically he appears right beside the driver window. He was hugged up onto the car which made it every hard to see him. Mom refused to roll down her window until we saw that he was wearing a full uniform, a cool little cop like belt, and a badge. Once we saw all those things mom rolled down her window. He must have just been bored to have stopped us for not dimming the lights quick enough. When mom told him that he scared us because we never saw a cop driving in such a HUGE truck before, he laughed and said, "Well, we drive trucks down here" (with a MAJOR Texas swang to his voice). He was super friendly and did not give us a ticket (yay). My friend Scott will enjoy this story.. He is a cop... from Texas.

Running on four cups of coffee and a high intake of sugar I was beginning to become wildly delusional. With this said, I was seeing sounds (That's how delusional). We are driving along and everything is going fine and we pass two deer eating on the side of the road. After seeing these two deer I became extremely convinced that we were going to hit a deer and die (I'm a blast to travel with).

Once we actually made it there things were going better! Only getting about four hours of sleep and waking up early to sit in the hot sun to watch my sister play ball, but it was all good. She pitched both games and did an awesome job (They won both).
Along with watching her play ball, mom and I got to meet a few of your closest friends, Sam, Forrest, and Adam. Sam was hilarious and being from Texas, he sounded like it ;).. He was super sweet and a joy to be around. Forrest was a-m-a-z-i-n-g and we found out that we are so very much alike. He was so funny and completely adorable! I was only able to meet Adam briefly but from the little time I was around him, he was very sweet!
On the last day our of trip, Court's truck wouldn't start. Karma anyone? After having a friend look at it we decided the best option was to get it towed to a local shop and to then hope for the best. And that's just what we did. The mechanic is looking at it today (Thursday) hopefully it will be a quick fix and not too much $$$$$ (it doesn't rain money, you know).
All in all the trip was wonderful. We got back around 7 Monday night and I have spent the remainder of the week catching up on sleep... you know how I am.

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