Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hey, I'm the Baptist girl

                                     Thursday April, 5 2012
Hey, Look at me, I'm the Baptist girl at a Passover Seder dinner. Yep, That's right I attended my first Passover dinner and "whoa" is all I can say. It was a wonderful event and a great learning experience and I am very glad I participated. 

Photo to the left is me eating Matzahs which is a bread that is eaten at the Passover Seder dinner.
(My new favorite snack)

Photo to the right is the table setting for the Passover dinner.


Monday April 9, 2012
Very laid back day: Got caught up on house cleaning (about time), watched three movies that had been on my list for awhile, and loved on my sweet kitty. A huge let down on Smash... kind of a pointless episode I thought... boooo! But on a cheerful  note, The Voice was the best yet! Mondays are my "I'm not doing anything but relax" kind of days. I hate Mondays so I choose to make it better by doing nothing.  ;)

Tuesday April 10, 2012
CRAWFISH and it was so yummy; 15 lbs-- mother and I KILLED IT.
Spent the rest of the night working on some scene study with a nice bowl of caramel popcorn. Wow, my days are so eventful, as you can see! Ha ha.

Wednesday April 11, 2012
Working hard for the $$$ today! Today and tomorrow will be full of work and no fun! Continuing on my scene study work-- wanting to have all 90435723405 scenes down for Friday. And if you must know, I have zero down as of now. Oh the joys!!!

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