Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Magic

Five things I'm grateful for today:
April 18, 2012

1. My capability to walk. 
One of my biggest fears is to lose my ability to walk. I do not believe I am a strong enough person to go through something like becoming paralyzed; I feel like my will to live would be gone. I believe this is something people often take for granted-- and I no longer will.

2. My home.

My parents have worked so hard to give my sister and I a roof over our heads. I always find myself picking our home apart or naming all the things that are wrong with it. But I am grateful to have a place to sleep at night and a place to call home.  

3. My grandparents.

I always take my grandparents for granted and never really thank them for all they do. This being the only set that I have ever known. I gotta stop ignoring their phone calls, or avoid seeing them. "They won't be around forever", as my mother is always telling me.

4. My love for art.

Now, this is not a material item but it is something that I am truly grateful for. I am unsure of the person I would be without having art in my life.

5. The fan in my bedroom.

As I was sleeping last night I was beginning to become very hot and uncomfortable. A simple walk about 10 steps and the fan is now on. I never think about it but many people to not have that luxury.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Oh, hi there crossroads... I'm not ready to choose

As all of you may know, I am an actress. I starting acting when I was four years old and I have always had the same plan in motion: Move to L.A. and work as an actress-- never look back. Now, this is all fine and dandy (still very much the plan) but what I did not know while I was "writing these plans in stone" is what about college?
Going to college was never really something I knew was going to work for me-- I'm not the studying type. My junior year of high school I learned of all these Conservatories just for art students... and my mind was blown. I would have never thought in a million years I could go to college and not have to take math, science, and crap, crap, crap. And to actually be in a school where EVERYONE loved and was working in the arts. So my plans "altered", if you will. The new plan in place: go to a Conservatory (act on the side when I could- while finishing school) and never look back... perfect.
The school year was going along and I began to look into Conservatories in L.A. (because that is/was the plan in place). The performing art school I was attending at the time was having a college fair and I was more than ready to sell my soul to the devil for a spot in the number one Conservatory (In L.A. of course). As I am walking through the college fair-- keeping my eyes on all L.A. schools, I stumble, no, run into a well dressed young man (hit him pretty hard actually) who was passing out pens to the school he was representing. After nearly running this well dressed young man over I thought the least I could do was take a pen from him and listen to his little spill about his school and why it's the best.
After hearing all he had to say, he directs his speech back to the pen he had given me not five minutes ago. Up until this point I had not noticed the significant detail of the pen, I had just placed it in my stack along with the other ten thousand I had received (yes, I'm dramatic.. just go with it). Looking down in my bag.. which was a CAU bag (California University, yes, yes it was) one pen seemed to out shine the rest; with it's highlighter cap on the end and finger grip on the other. This pen represented the school I would attend in the fall of 2011. Right?
The pen belonged to the school he had been rambling about for the last ten minutes now. A conservatory so proud, so prestigious, so perfect. This conservatory.. being located in NEW YORK was perfect in every way. I lost myself in his ramble and began picturing my life there... walking down the streets, going to the beach.. and then pulled from my day dream hearing the words NEW YORK. Nope, not part of the plan, can not work.
Walking away from the table, none of the other schools compared and it was then that I looked down in my CAU bag and thought about one of the selling points he had mentioned, "You can tell how much a school cares about there students and there students education by how much money they put into there pen." I was beginning to believe he was right; looking at all the other pens, ones that would barely write. Could I change the plan and move to New York? I had always pictured my life in California; I had planned every last detail for my life being in California.
This school and the well dressed young man's speech and that damn pen stayed in my mind for weeks upon weeks. After countless hours of research I gave my heart away to that very same school in New York City; that's where I would attend my first year of college in the fall of 2011.
Senior year came around the corner and I was still set on my "new" plan; going to New York. I don't know if you know or not (which you probably don't) Conservatories are about $45,000 (not including housing). Yes, that's right. And you can forget TOPS (being out of the state and all). You can forget academic scholarships; they don't give any (They don't care about your grades or ACT score). There is one little hope-- a performance based scholarship. But that will only pay about $10,000... if you get the whole thing that is. So, that being said, it is safe to guess the plan was "altered" yet again. The new plan set in place: I'll take the year off, work as an actress-- build my resume, and most importantly save for college.

Well that time has come for me to decide what I am going to do. If you must know, I did not save for college; it just didn't happen. I did however work as an actress and build my resume. So, college for this coming year is a no go. But that is okay because I do not feel that I am ready. I would like to work as an actress more and build my resume more. Starting my "plan" (because we all know I must have a plan in place) I have decided to start school "maybe" in the summer of 2013. Now that I have that plan made, it is time to look at schools. My heart is still with the school in New York but the high crime rate has me looking in other places. Plus, New York is mostly a place for theatre. During my reseach I wondered upon a school in... get this.. California. I really like this school and they offer everything I need and would want.
It's funny how things work out-- I might end up in California after all (like the original plan). Here is where the crossroad meets me head on... go to school or work as an actress?
My mind is in ten thousand places about this decision.
I'm not ready to choose.
But I have too.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

My Week with Marilyn

My Week with Marilyn has been on my must see list every since it was released. I am very disappointed to took me so long to actually rent it. I would suggest you get off your butt, run to the nearest Red Box and RENT THIS MOVIE. My personal rating for the film is a 4 out of 5 (always room for improvement). Three words to sum it up? Charming, honest and last but not least, raw. I was so moved by this movie I thought what better way to express myself than a blog post? After seeing the movie, I did a little research (I'm a nerd) on the making of the film, the making of the actual film she was working on at the time, and of course her. Down below, you can see that I wrote the summary out for you guys... and we will go from there-- enjoy!

Plot: In 1956 Laurence Olivier is directing a movie in London and he cast Marilyn Monroe for the lead. As the film is being made it becomes very clear that Marilyn is getting on Olivier’s nerves because of her many demands and acting ineptness. Just as things begin to heat up for the worst, Marilyn takes an interest in Colin Clark, a young eager film student and she invites him into her inner world. Colin soon learns of her many struggles with her fame, her beauty, and her desire to be a great actress. Eventually Clark falls madly in love with Marilyn and everyone around him trys to warn him of her charm and heart breaking ways. Clark takes his adventure with Marilyn as a life altering experience.

Marilyn was played by Michelle Willaims who spent an entire year preparing for the role. Michelle's hard work paid off as she won the Golden Globe for best actress-- which turns out to be the same award Marilyn won over 20 years ago.


Now let's get down to some facts about the real Marilyn, after all, she is the star of the show.

- Believe it or not, she was found to be very shy.
- She stared in 33 films
- Her music is still being used today in shows like, Burlesque, Dancing with the Stars, Mad men, etc.
- She always said, "My problem is that I drive myself, I'm trying the become an artist, and to be true and sometimes I feel I'm on the verge of craziness."
- Her last film, Something's Got to Give (1962) was very completed due to her death.

On the set of, Something's got to give

My grandmother resembles her a bit here

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hey, I'm the Baptist girl

                                     Thursday April, 5 2012
Hey, Look at me, I'm the Baptist girl at a Passover Seder dinner. Yep, That's right I attended my first Passover dinner and "whoa" is all I can say. It was a wonderful event and a great learning experience and I am very glad I participated. 

Photo to the left is me eating Matzahs which is a bread that is eaten at the Passover Seder dinner.
(My new favorite snack)

Photo to the right is the table setting for the Passover dinner.


Monday April 9, 2012
Very laid back day: Got caught up on house cleaning (about time), watched three movies that had been on my list for awhile, and loved on my sweet kitty. A huge let down on Smash... kind of a pointless episode I thought... boooo! But on a cheerful  note, The Voice was the best yet! Mondays are my "I'm not doing anything but relax" kind of days. I hate Mondays so I choose to make it better by doing nothing.  ;)

Tuesday April 10, 2012
CRAWFISH and it was so yummy; 15 lbs-- mother and I KILLED IT.
Spent the rest of the night working on some scene study with a nice bowl of caramel popcorn. Wow, my days are so eventful, as you can see! Ha ha.

Wednesday April 11, 2012
Working hard for the $$$ today! Today and tomorrow will be full of work and no fun! Continuing on my scene study work-- wanting to have all 90435723405 scenes down for Friday. And if you must know, I have zero down as of now. Oh the joys!!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Trip to Remember!

My mother and I set out to visit my sister (and her friends) in Oklahoma; and what a trip it was!
We left Thursday night around 8 and drove all night and a little into the morning. The drive was... least to say, entertaining.
I was a little pumped, you think?
Things were going smooth until we reached Hugo Texas where we were then stopped by a cop. Of course, with my mother and I nothing can be normal; We were driving along minding our own business (mom was speeding, of course). We pass this HUGE truck and mom might have taken a little too long to dim her lights (Being 2 in the morning and the only ones on the road, who cared?) Well this guy definitely cared. I little bit after we passed this HUGE truck, we see that he has made a complete u turn in the middle of the road. And of course I start thinking about every scary movie in the book and starting to plan my death in my head. He starts to gain speed and eventually he got right behind us. Mom and I were freaking out! Soon after this game of chase, the truck started his lights... but mom and I had a hard time believing this was a cop in this HUGE truck. Mom pulled over and once again I start thinking of the events of my death and how painful it will probably be (I watch way too much TV). The man's lights were so bright that we could not see him actually get out of his HUGE truck... magically he appears right beside the driver window. He was hugged up onto the car which made it every hard to see him. Mom refused to roll down her window until we saw that he was wearing a full uniform, a cool little cop like belt, and a badge. Once we saw all those things mom rolled down her window. He must have just been bored to have stopped us for not dimming the lights quick enough. When mom told him that he scared us because we never saw a cop driving in such a HUGE truck before, he laughed and said, "Well, we drive trucks down here" (with a MAJOR Texas swang to his voice). He was super friendly and did not give us a ticket (yay). My friend Scott will enjoy this story.. He is a cop... from Texas.

Running on four cups of coffee and a high intake of sugar I was beginning to become wildly delusional. With this said, I was seeing sounds (That's how delusional). We are driving along and everything is going fine and we pass two deer eating on the side of the road. After seeing these two deer I became extremely convinced that we were going to hit a deer and die (I'm a blast to travel with).

Once we actually made it there things were going better! Only getting about four hours of sleep and waking up early to sit in the hot sun to watch my sister play ball, but it was all good. She pitched both games and did an awesome job (They won both).
Along with watching her play ball, mom and I got to meet a few of your closest friends, Sam, Forrest, and Adam. Sam was hilarious and being from Texas, he sounded like it ;).. He was super sweet and a joy to be around. Forrest was a-m-a-z-i-n-g and we found out that we are so very much alike. He was so funny and completely adorable! I was only able to meet Adam briefly but from the little time I was around him, he was very sweet!
On the last day our of trip, Court's truck wouldn't start. Karma anyone? After having a friend look at it we decided the best option was to get it towed to a local shop and to then hope for the best. And that's just what we did. The mechanic is looking at it today (Thursday) hopefully it will be a quick fix and not too much $$$$$ (it doesn't rain money, you know).
All in all the trip was wonderful. We got back around 7 Monday night and I have spent the remainder of the week catching up on sleep... you know how I am.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Movies of the Month: March

1st up: Drive starring Ryan Gosling. This movie was released September 16, 2011. I enjoyed it but I do not think it is a film that all will enjoy-- it was quite artful... and by this I mean, quite silent. The actual dialogue between characters is rather very small. Rated R was violence and bloody scenes. And they aren't talking about a little blood... they mean A LOT! A Hollywood stunt driver becomes involved with a money deal gone wrong in order to save the woman he loves husband (What? I know). But he isn't your average hero, he comes with charming good looks, sexy body, and killer driving skills.

I would recommend this movie to those who are open minded.

Next up: Hugo. Sadly I have to say I lost interest in this movie very quickly. I found it to be long and not exactly getting to the point. My mother and I watched this together and we both lost interest. She regained her interest as the movie went one but unfortunately, I did not (So much that I began to paint my nails). The story is set in 1930s Paris. A young boy is left to his uncle after his father died in a tragic fire. Soon after, his uncle leaves him without notice and the young boy picks up his duties as the clock keeper. As the young boy runs around the city, he learns of a special gift his father has left behind. With the help of a few new friends, Hugo (The young boy) figures out all the wonders this gift can bring.

21 Jump Street: Funny, Funny, and did I say Funny? Now, I am not be the best person to rate this movie... Well, because I was in it, so of course I thought it rocked!
The plot is very simple: Two goofy cops are given the task to go under cover for a hopeful high school drug bust. Along the journey these two cops are taking there role as high school students a little too seriously and of course being in the fashion of high school, drama follows! This a laugh out loud movie with tons of action. Rated R for nudity, drug use, and language. Starring Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, and Dave Franco.

Next up: The Ides of March, starring George Clooney and Ryan Gosling. What a thriller mixed beautifully with twister! This movie will have you on the edge of your seats and biting your nails until the end credits. The story line takes you into the inside dirty ways of the political world. I believe even if you are not one for political matters, you can still enjoy this film. I would have to say the best word for this film is "shocking". You will be "shocked" from the beginning until the end. Make sure you put this one on your list!

 My week with Marilyn:
A full blog post will be coming soon.
Yes, this movie is that goooooood!
5 stars!