Thursday, March 29, 2012

Week recap

Monday night:
Thursday I leave for a 12 hour road trip. To where you ask? To see my sister in Oklahoma! I get extremely excited when planning for a road trip.. I like to be very very prepared (which means that I probably will be fully packed three to four days before necessary). And I will have you know, I am only half way packed; I plan to finish tomorrow (always prepared).

Tonight my mother and I had a wonderful (but yet unhealthy) dinner and watched our favorite shows: The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, and my personal favorite, Smash.

Tuesday afternoon:
Sadly, Kitty will not be coming with me.

Once again, I sent most of my day sleeping (don't judge me) but this afternoon I got busy packing and made a lot of head way! Tonight is going to be an easy night of reading and relaxing. Not sure what the dinner plans will be.. Tv Dinner anyone?

Wednesday night:
I forced myself to take a huge sleeping pill last night so I could actually be alive during the day (Sad, I know). Finished all the packing and I am so ready to say goodbye to Louisiana for a little bit! Leaving Tomorrow afternoon (another sleeping pill, anyone?) and I could not be more ready to be on the road... road trips are my favorite! Going to finish tonight up with some reading; reading a great book at the moment
(book review soon to come).

Thursday afternoon:
Ahhhhhhhhh, today is the day! Woke up super early to a huge pot of coffee and a sweet little kitty. Leaving her is the hardest part (yes, I'm crazy about my cat-- I'm the crazy cat lady). Getting some work done first then the open road here we come!!! The 12 hour drive is going to be fun at first but we are know I love to sleep.. errrrrrr. Not looking forward to the late night driving. My sister better be thankful we love her so much. :)

Going to leave my week recap here. Friday through Sunday? ... use your imagination :)

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