Saturday, March 24, 2012

Negative Places--- Clean 'em up!

So, everyday you learn something new... and sometimes you relearn the lessons you ignore. Today was that day for me. In each chapter in my life I seem to learn this very lesson: pull the negative out of your life. Now, in my personal life, this deals with people. I have a hard time with this because I find myself over looking the hurtful things that people may do. I hate drama and I never do anything about those hurtful things, in hopes to leaving drama out of it.
Today, I stood up and kick a bag apple right out of my life... and it felt so good. I stayed classy... as the person began to have a little F word party. All and all I am very happy with the feeling I have inside and I stayed true to myself. I feel much better now. Remember, momma always knows best :)

I think this picture is perfect for the topic above. Send your heart packing if your heart isn't happy.

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