Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ever have those days where you find yourself ignoring the household chores and losing your time "stalking" through pictures on Facebook or maybe Pinterest? I have had a few days in a row like this... and I found "awesome" (in my book awesome) pictures that I would like to share.

I love reading and I love the wholesome look books give. I hope to one day have a complete room in my home to be filled with nothing but books. I love how in this picture the books are used as an entrance walk way to a book store-- gives it a very warm and welcoming feel.

I have a friend that is crazy about Batman. And now, every time I see something Batman I have to save it and post it to his Facebook. I'm not even a huge Batman fan and I always freak when I see something Batman because I know he would freak. Thanks friend. (haha)

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