Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY: Yogurt Bites

DIY: Yogurt Bites

  • Take your favorite yogurt & put it in a zip lock bag
  • Cut a small hole in the end of the zip lock bag so the yogurt may come out
  • Place small amounts onto a cookie sheet-- think bite sized
  • Let freeze for an hour
  • Enjoy    
This little snack can be thought more as a "treat". Very yummy and feels like you're eating candy! Perfect for those hot summer days by the pool.

I thougtht it would be yummy to take a fresh smoothe that I had made and use that to make the yogurt bites. I do not recommand this. Once the yogurt became a smoothe, it was too liquidy and poured out too fast and it just ended up to be one big mess. Stick to just the yogurt! :)


  1. These are like yogurt candies. This is a good idea to make serving yogurt more fun. I think these yogurt bites will make a good treat while watching a TV on a hot day. =)

    -Joseph Carr