Thursday, February 2, 2012

Roses are red
Daises are white

It's not the same poem.... HA, GOT YOU!

As I was "stalking" through Facebook, I would catch myself  wishing that I would have
taken the time to actually get to know these "Facebook friends" that I have. It's so easy to push "Add as friend" but why can we not convert that to real face to face conversation? That's the big deal?

I have vowed to everyday talk to Someone that maybe I knew from my past, or maybe someone brand new, or even an old high school friend that I was never close to during school days.
If we are out of high school, then why do we continue to act like we must only speak to those that are in our social crowd?

Call me crazy, but I feel that this should change.
Just think about all the people you could be getting to know.. maybe even your future husband or wife. Stop missing out. Make your move.